_MG_7183_140pxWe’ve been known as D|C|CADD for over a quarter century now and, as D|C|CADD, we have an excellent reputation. So why leave that behind? Well, it isn’t because we were acquired or that we’re having financial problems. In fact the opposite is true; we’re growing, hiring people and opening more offices. Rebranding as “Enceptia” is an opportunity for us to reset our employee’s thinking and broaden our customers’ expectations of us. We’re known as a top-tier Autodesk Partner, but Autodesk and our customers are asking us to go in new directions. And we see opportunities in new markets and industries.

We’re now publishing some of the top-rated applications for Revit and we’re the majority investor in another software developer. We’re creating advanced learning content and we’re even expanding our services to now provide traditional IT support and services.

Customer service and support are more than a trite slogan for us, it’s in our DNA. I was a licensed architect when I started my company in 1987 and I never had any marketing or sales experience. So, without any real guidance in those areas, I did what I thought best – know your subject matter better than anyone else and take good care of your customers. That simple business strategy has proven to be a smart one and it’s why we’re successful.

We’re an Autodesk Gold Partner with authorizations and specializations in almost every area that Autodesk offers. Our advisors help our customers understand their options and how to make the most of their investment in the Autodesk design solutions. And I’m very pleased with the quality of our training and the caliber of our instructors. We consistently deliver spectacularly great product support and it’s a source of great pride for us to see our very high customer satisfaction scores.

You see, it’s more than just CAD for us anymore and we wanted a fresh look and new name to go with the old business philosophy – deliver great customer support and service.